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The Queensland Investors Club Inc. rose from the ashes of the 1987 share market crash. The club is a non-profit organisation for people interested in investing, with a particular emphasis on the stock market.

The membership covers a wide range of investment sectors and styles. QIC Inc. does not manage any pooled investments.

Club meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month. We welcome all visitors. However for catering purposes it is necessary to Register and pay for the meeting first.

Upcoming Meetings

Guest Speaker

This month's guest speaker:

Simon Kidston

Executive Director

Genex Power Ltd (ASX: GNX),

which is focused on generation and storage of renewable energy.

Genex is developing a renewable energy hub in north Queensland, integrating large scale solar with pumped storage hydro.  The Genex Kidston Renewable Energy Hub is a world first innovative integration of intermittent solar energy with low cost energy storage creating 'Renewable Energy On Tap'.

View Genex Power's Kidston Project corporate video on YouTube.

It is necessary to register for the meeting by 10:00 am on the Friday before the meeting.

Featured Article

The least Understood Word in Finance

by Chad Slater of Morphic

One of my favourite quotes used by Gerard Minack, a director of Morphic and Ex-Head of Developed Markets strategy at Morgan Stanley and well-known bear, is that “we’re just all different denominations of the same church”. That being the house of mammon.

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