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Meeting Registration and Club Rules


Should a member or visitor wish to attend a meeting, registration must be done on line through the Club's website. Members will receive e-mailed reminders of the date and content of these events. Registration closes at 10.00am on the Friday prior to the meeting and must be paid by debit/credit card or Paypal at the same time.

Bookings will only be confirmed if payment is received on QIC's website before 10.00am on the Friday prior to the meeting.  Our booking with the venue must be confirmed at this time and is not reversible.

Members Interaction at meetings

The Queensland Investors Club has been formed to encourage  the free flow of ideas about investment,  between  members and guests , in a relaxed atmosphere.  Members should cease conversation whilst speakers or members are addressing the room. Members should also be aware that the Club does not permit any canvassing of goods or services between members at our meetings.

COVID - 19

In compliance with State laws vaccination against COVID-19 is no longer a requirement of entry to the Brisbane Club . However should you believe you have been exposed or infected by  this disease we would ask that you not attend until cleared by your medical practitioner.


Cancellations may be made on line prior to our cutoff time of 10.00am on the Friday before the meeting. A refund will be held in the member's account and may be applied against the invoice for a later meeting.

Dress Code

As the meetings are held at the Brisbane Club, we must comply with their evening dress standard.

Women should wear a day dress, pant suit or tailored trousers with blouse, collared or collarless shirt. Shoes should be enclosed and fashionably dressy.

Jackets are not required for men, however open-necked long-sleeved collared business shirts, fastened at the wrist and tailored trousers are the minimum expected.

Not Permitted at any time in any part of the Brisbane Club

Both men and women: jeans, other denim, leather jackets, shorts, runners or other athletic shoes, casual sandals.

Men: Short-sleeved shirts, polo shirts and “Bomber” jackets.

Women: Strapless dresses or shoe-string strap dresses, excessively short skirts, casual or strappy shoes that do not meet the standard of professional dress or smart casual dress, as appropriate.

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