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Past Speakers

Wide ranging investment related presentations at our monthly meetings are from:

 - CEOs / executives from ASX listed companies;

 -  managed fund executives and brokers;

 -  educators, authors, traders, newsletter editors and commentators from the financial press.

All are skilled and successful individuals whose contribution will potentially benefit members.

 Date of Meeting



11th October  David Lane Ord Minnett
13th  September  Nathan  Scholz
9th  August  Paul Hinkley Survive your Body Corporate
12th  July   David Bassanese  Betashares
14th June 2022   Neil Kaplan   CFO  Allkem
10 May 2022   Roger Montgomery CIO   Montgomery Investment Management

       12 April  2022

 Chris Leithner  Leithner and Company


      8  March 2022

 8 Feb  2022  Craig Higson  Director  Betashares
 9  Nov 2021

 Tommy Honan 

Head of Strategic Partnerships

 12 Oct  2021

 Declan  Sherman

Managing Director 

 People Infrastructure (PPE)
 14 Sept 2021

 Damian Galvin


 Central Petroleum (CTP)
 10 Aug 2021  Cancelled due to Covid  
 13 July 2021

Tim Evans

Private advisor

 8 Jun 2021  Craig Scroggie
 CEO & Managing Director
 11 May 2021  Dan Clifford
  Managing Director & CEO
 Aurelia Metals LTD
 13 Apr 2021 Damian Diamantopoulos
 Portfolio Manager
 Australian Unity
 9 Mar 2021  Lawrence Baynham
 CEO & Managing Director
 9 Feb 2021

  John Bryant
  Financial Director / CFO

 Australian Bay Lobster Producers Ltd
 10 Nov 2020

 Dr Glen Richards

 Healthia Limited
 12 Oct 2020

 Drew O'Malley

 Collins Foods Limited
 8 Sep 2020

  John Lykos

 Director, Investment Management
 Bond Adviser
 10 Mar 2020   James Powell
  GM Investor Relations & Marketing
 Rural Funds Management
 11 Feb 2020  Peter Munckton
 Chief Economist & Head of Market Strategy
 Bank of Queensland
 12 Nov 2019  Andrew Thomson
 General Manager
 C.F.M.G. Capital
 8 Oct 2019

Taryn Melia, Director - Fixed Income Sales
 Stephen Mackie, Director - Fixed Income

 FIIG Securities
 10 Sep 2019 Gerry Spindler
 Coronado Global Resources
 13 Aug 2019

Shaun McCarthy
Chief Executive Officer

 Multicom Resources
 9 Jul 2019  Robert Swift
 Head Global Equity Strategies
 Tamim Asset Management
 14 May 2019

Geoff Acton
 Managing Director

 Advance Nanotek
 9 Apr 2019 Dr Lucy Cameron
Senior Research Consultant


 12 Mar 2019

Mike Veverka

 Jumbo Interactive
 12 Feb 2019

Cameron Window
Executive Manager - Fixed Income

 Mint Partners

 13 Nov 2018 Dr Adrian McCullagh
ODMOB Lawyers
 ODMOB Lawyers


 9 Oct 2018 Scott McMillan
Managing Director
 Alliance Aviation
 11 Sep 2018 Denis Wagner
Non-Executive Chairman
 Wagners Holding Company
 14 Aug 2018  Warwick Grigor
 Non Executive Chairman
 First Graphine
 10 Jul 2018  Ian Macfarlane
Chief Executive
 Queensland Resources Council
 12 Jun 2018 Sebastian Evans
Chief Investment Officer
 NAOS Asset Management Ltd
  8 May 2018 Charlie Aitken
Managing Director, CEO & CIO
 Aitken Investment Management
 10 Apr 2018 Philip St. Baker
Managing Director
 Novonix Ltd
 13 Mar 2018 Denis Donohue
Founder & Managing Director
 Pentala Investment Management
 13 Feb 2018
 Chad Slater
Joint CIO & Executive Director
 Morphic Asset Management
 14 Nov 2017
Simon Kidston
Co-founder & Exec. Director
 Genex Power Ltd
 10 Oct 2017
Tomas Steenackers
 National Veterinary Care Ltd
 12 Sep 2017 Michael Omeros
Co-founder & MD
 Over the Wire Holdings Limited
 8 Aug 2017
Vlada Vujasinovic
 Ord Minnet, Gold Coast office
 11 Jul 2017
John Van de Pol
Superannuation Specialist
 13 Jun 2017
Alan Hull
Author & Business Owner
 9 May 2017
David Bassanese
Chief Economist
 11 Apr 2017
 Marcel von Pfyffer
 Strategist, CIO & MD
 Arminius Capital
 14 Mar 2017
 Grayden Taylor
 Financial Advisor
 Elston Financial Services
 14 Feb 2017
 Dr Mel Bridges
 Chairman & CEO
 Anatara Lifesciences Ltd
 8 Nov 2016
 David Thompson
 Auth. Investment Manager
 Wilsons Private Wealth Advisory
 11 Oct 2016
 Dr Chris Hart
 Founder & Clinical Director
 Oventus Medical
 9 Aug 2016
 Gabriel Radzyminski
 Managing Director
 Sandon Capital
 12 Jul 2016
 Tony Keating
 ResApp Health
 14 Jun 2016
 Maxine Horne
 Founder & CEO
 Vita Group
 10 May 2016
 Daryl Wilson
 Founder, CEO, Portfolio Mgr.
 Affluence Funds Management
 8 Mar 2016
 Elizabeth Moran
 Director Education & Research
 FIIG Securities
 2 Feb 2016
 Chris Barnard
 Executive Director
 JB Were

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